TUG-X-logo+Tagline-4C.pngThe TUGX Global Seminars are a series of 1-day technical interchanges held throughout the world. TUGX combines the best practices of the annual Teradyne Users Group (TUG) Conference and the Global Device Seminars. This new single-day, multi-location format enables us to reach as many global end users as possible, while adapting to your individualized needs by providing custom content that’s relevant to the local audience.

The content presented at the seminars is intended to increase customers’ success using Teradyne test technology. Through TUGX, we strive to deliver local access to our technical personnel, to share knowledge and to deepen understanding of our products and services.

The first series of TUGX Global Seminars will be held from September through December 2019 in more than 20 locations across the world. Check back for updates and stay tuned for the announcement of TUGX 2019 locations, coming in January 2019!

Interested in learning more? Contact tugxseminars@teradyne.com.