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Teradyne Presents at SEMICON China About the Importance of System Level Test

November 2, 2022, Beijing, ChinaTeradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ:TER),  a leading supplier of automated test equipment, today announced Mr. Xu Jian-ren, global vice president of Teradyne, spoke today at the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Advanced Packaging Forum hosted by SEMICON China, where experts in the global semiconductor industry discussed solutions for semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging, including key processes, equipment materials, and packaging test.

Mr. Xu Jian-ren presented on the topic of “Promoting the Constant Improvement of the Adoption Rate of System Level Test” where he pointed out that the adoption of System Level Test (SLT) can significantly improve the quality of chips and shorten the manufacturing cycle, making it an ideal choice for suppliers to quickly achieve high quality chips.

As transistors become smaller and chips become more complex, test has become key to ensuring high quality products are delivered to market.  Moreover, with the increasing demand for electronic equipment, chip suppliers are integrating more functions into a single chip, driving process technology to its limit. Additionally, chip manufacturers need to deliver new processes as early as possible and are adopting more advanced packaging technologies to improve transistor density and performance while ensuring yield to meet new application requirements.

Due to this market situation, adopting an SLT strategy can help chip suppliers meet these challenges cost-effectively. SLT is a functional test of a product in a manner that closely matches its end use, implemented on a custom system level test board. By simultaneously testing the chip and the multiple IP modules around it, SLT is able to find additional faults beyond those being captured at the transistor level during ATE test. An additional advantage of SLT is its parallel test capabilities, delivering efficient, low cost-of-test solutions. By adding SLT to the existing ATE test flow manufacturers can materially improve fault detection coverage, capturing the last 0.00xx% of faults, and achieving the lowest possible error escape rate.

As complexity continues to increase and the number of mission critical applications expands, SLT is becoming essential to ensuring the quality of chips cost effectively. As a leading provider of semiconductor test equipment, Teradyne is committed to combining its expertise in ATE and SLT test with its storage automation architecture to deliver differentiated test solutions, ultimately ensuring devices going to market deliver the expected quality.

SLT is a critical extension for ATE test, with its growth being driven by the need for increased chip quality with faster time to market windows. Teradyne’s solutions support the entire test lifecycle, and help customers achieve high production scale in the optimal time, cost effectively, ensuring they can maintain a leading position in the rapidly changing market.

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