TestStation Automated Inline Handler | In-Circuit Test Solution

High Speed Automated Handler, with TestStation Model 5X Test Insert

Teradyne’s High-Speed Inline Automated Board Handler with TestStation Multi-Site Test Insert is designed for productivity, fast change-over, and low operating cost. Our in-circuit test solution fits seamlessly into automated production lines to provide “hands-off-lights-out” operation.

TestStation Handler

The TestStation Inline Handler configured with Teradyne’s Multi-Site Test Insert provides the speed of two parallel systems, reducing test time by 50%. It’s speed makes it ideal for high volume or high mix manufacturers who demand maximum test productivity. Our TestStation in-circuit test solution can also be configured as a Single-Site Test System, with the second site added later in the field – giving manufacturers capacity scalability, maximum flexibility and return on your investment.

TestStation Handler Large Format

The TestStation Inline Handler Large Format automated test system utilizes a more powerful version of the robust handler system found in our standard TestStation Handler. The Large Format model supports the same Single-Site and Multi-Site capabilities, and the new Test Insert Model 161 that supports up to 6144 test points. The TestStation Handler Large Format is ideal for manufacturers of large, complex server, datacom or computer PCBA’s moving to an inline automated production environment.

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The TestStation Automated Inline Handler and Large Format Models integrate seamlessly with TestStation Multi-Site Test Inserts. Each resides within the line automation equipment footprint with no added space required. TestStation Multi-Site In-Circuit Test Systems eliminate excessive cabling between the Unit Under Test (UUT) and test instrumentation that can result in reduced test accuracy and fault coverage.

With it’s short set-up, rapid mechanical cycle time, and robust capabilities, manufacturers save time and expense automating production with the TestStation Handler systems combined with our TestStation Multi-Site Test Inserts.

Features & Options

The TestStation Automated Inline Handler Systems feature:

  • Provides seamless integration of TestStation Test Inserts
  • Short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms
  • Maximum flexibility and product scalability within TestStation system architecture
  • Compatible with large boards and scalable pin count capacity
  • Auto-Width or Manual-Width adjust available
  • Anti-Static Conveyor and optional barcode scanner integration
  • Easy maintenance and supportable design

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Available Configurations

TestStation Handler and TestStation Handler Large Format

  • Single-Site test system with Test Inert Model 51, equipped with up to 5 pin boards and pin count from 640 to 2560
  • Multi-Site test system with Test Insert Model 52, equipped with up to 10 pin boards (5 per site) and pin count from 640 to 2560 per site
  • Supports Teradyne’s analog only, pure-pin, hybrid and high-density pin cards
  • TestStation Handler Large Format 51/52 compatible with existing TestStation Handler Multi-Site fixtures

TestStation Handler Large Format

  • Single-Site system with Test Insert Model 161, equipped with up to 16 pin boards and pin count from 2048 to 6,144
  • UUT size of 530 x 508mm

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