TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board

TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board

Industry’s Most Integrated PXI/ICT Solution

Expand the functionality of your tester with the TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board. This board supports the installation of commercial off-the-shelf PXI or custom instrumentation in a specially designed chassis that plugs directly into an accessory pin board slot of TestStation in-circuit test systems.

The board’s innovative and compact design makes it easy to add functional test capabilities without growing tester footprint or expanding equipment floor space!

Focused Functional Test for Greater Fault Coverage

With the TestStation PXI Expansion Board, manufacturers can move beyond traditional ICT testing to perform value-adding functional, compliance, and system testing procedures that are typically performed at separate stations on the manufacturing floor.

The benefits of combining ICT and Functional Test include:

  • Lower capital costs – reduced fixture, operator, footprint requirements
  • Quick defect detection
  • Fewer test stages/operators
  • Faster production cycle time/beat rate
  • Verified compliance to regulatory standards

Open Architecture Design

Teradyne’s TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board easily integrates into TestStation systems to expand your ICT test capabilities.

Implementation approach includes:

  • Plugs directly into ICT Backplane – does not expand tester footprint!
  • Supports up to  4 commercial PXI or custom instrumentation
  • Flexible switching matrix – route to any tester pin
  • Up to 100MHz signal bandwidth
  • Based on industry standards – supports Labwindows/CVI or MS Visual Studio software
  • Supports the creation of Dynamic Link Library Applications

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