VICTORY Software

Teradyne’s VICTORY toolset is a graphical software package for generating boundary scan test development and fault diagnostics. Regardless of the ratio of scan to non-scan components, VICTORY can apply any boundary scan logic available and add valuable access points for observation and control.

VICTORY provides tools for Virtual Interconnect, Virtual In-Circuit, Boundary Functional and Virtual Component/ Cluster Test capabilities. VICTORY’s fault dictionary diagnostics provide unparalleled fault diagnostic accuracy for complex component clusters. These diagnostics are easily integrated into Virtual Component/Cluster Tests when used with Teradyne’s LASAR simulation tools and the Boundary Scan Intelligent Diagnostics software.

VICTORY outputs board topology, scan chain, test pattern and diagnostic results in XML, and outputs test vectors in industry-standard serial vector format. In addition, VICTORY verifies a device’s adherence to IEEE 1149.1 specifications, including its boundary scan description language file.

VICTORY integrates with Teradyne’s LASAR software and TestStudio environment.

Screenshot of Victory Software User Interface