5G mmWave Instrumentation

Teradyne is the leader in RF/wireless device testing and has a large installed base of UltraFLEX test systems with the UltraWave24 RF instrument. As new devices for handset and base station applications are introduced using mmWave technology, Teradyne’s mmWave instrumentation has expanded in anticipation of new testing demands.

Highest Performance Instrument

The UltraWaveMX53, UltraWaveMX44 and UltraWaveMX20-D16 are Teradyne’s MX family of instruments for mmWave frequencies are . These instruments extend the UltraWave24 capability for full test coverage of WiFi, LTE, Ultra-wideband and 5G standards for frequencies below 52.6 GHz. Existing UltraWave24 customers can upgrade their systems with a single slot instrument that does not require reconfiguration of the test system. They can continue to use existing device interface boards (DIBs) and production interface docking compatibility for their existing applications.

The MX family of instruments targets RF and IF interfaces for both 5G IF transceiver and 5G RF beamformer device coverage.  And they support characterization and production device testing for probe, package, module and over-the-air applications.

A patented active thermal control within the instrument guarantees temperature stability to ensure that high-performance specifications are met in the engineering and production environments. The UltraWaveMX instruments also feature integrated power detectors which provide specification traceability. There is a dedicated low phase noise DUT reference clock operating from 100 MHz to 6 GHz to supply a precision reference clock for devices with integrated PLLs.

These instruments feature native 5G-NR modulation and demodulation test coverage with the integrated ESA toolkit using industry-standard waveform algorithms for waveform modulation and demodulation to simplify bench-to-ATE correlation.

The instruments provide dedicated mmWave frequency blind-mate coaxial DIB connections, which are designed to withstand the challenges of a production environment while providing the performance to source and measure high quality from 8 GHz to 53 GHz test waveforms to the device.

The award-winning IG-XL test software environment enables simple programming for fast test program development. Interactive debug displays integrated with the instrument hardware create an intuitive software system that minimizes training and speeds time to market.


The new UltraWaveMX53 address the need to cover the 5G FR2 frequencies up to 52.6 GHz. The instrument provides unmatched performance over the full frequency range with fully integrated temperature stabilization and calibration features. The integrated synthesizer per channel architecture provides best-in-class phase noise performance that enables source and measure capabilities of modulated waveforms with unprecedent EVM performance.

The UltraWaveMX53 instrument is available in three configurations: -D16, -IF and -RF. Each of these configurations provide two channels and 16 ports that cover up to 53 GHz. The IF and RF configurations add two more channels with a total of 16 additional ports that cover up to 20 GHz and 44 GHz respectively.


Teradyne’s UltraWaveMX44 provides coverage from 24 GHz to 44 GHz.  The available 32 mmWave ports on the UltraWaveMX44 significantly simplify DIB design. For greater site density, the system can scale to up to 128 mmWave ports, which is necessary for multisite testing that delivers the lowest cost of test.


The lower frequency band version of this instrument is the UltraWaveMX20-D16. It is also an extension to the UltraWave24 to provide additional test coverage up to 20 GHz. This frequency band targets devices that have WiFi-6, Cellular 5G, Ultra-wideband, and 5G-NR IF interfaces.

The UltraWaveMX20-D16 instrument enables faster time to market and higher product yields through its ease of use and industry leading performance.

Each UltraWaveMX20-D16 provides 16 mmWave ports in the test system with the ability to scale to 64 mmWave ports for high site count testing.

UltraWaveMX53, UltraWaveMX44 and UltraWaveMX20

By utilizing the UltraWaveMX53, UltraWaveMX44 and UltraWaveMX20-D16 instruments, semiconductor manufacturers can configure their test systems with the most cost-effective solution to test current and future generations of mmWave devices.

Preserving DIB and production test cell interface compatibilities, the UltraWaveMX family seamlessly integrates into the manufacturing environment.  The robust blind mate coaxial signal interface and the patented temperature-controlled electronics deliver industry leading performance with extremely high reliability.

Based on IG-XL, the number one customer-voted software environment, test engineers can develop new device test programs quickly and release them into production to meet new market opportunities.