Simplified Program Development for Multisite Test

Teradyne’s award winning IG-XL software transforms test program development for the FLEXUltraFLEX and J750 family of testers. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, graphical environment lets engineers rapidly develop fully functional test programs, cutting program development and debugging time. Designed to address multisite complexity, IG-XL can convert single site test programs to multisite automatically, speeding time to market and reducing cost of test. With IG-XL, test engineers focus on actual testing, not writing code for the tester.

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  • Faster Time to Market

    IG-XL enables 30% faster development of multisite programs compared with competitive ATE software systems

    • Visual Basic For Test: A powerful, easy to use and learn programming language
      • Device Centric Programming
      • Efficient: less than 50% lines of code compared to other ATE programming languages
      • Encourages code reuse
      • No compile necessary - enables debug in the "zone"
    • Native Multisite Programming: Zero effort from single site to multisite
      • Automatic management of site selection and activation
      • Write for single site -run multi site using site aware variables
      • Site aware flow control
    • True CT: Faster Time To Optimized Concurrent Test
      • Same test code for executing serially or concurrently
    • Modular Test Development: Efficient collaboration and code reuse
    • Integrated Modulation/Demodulation Libraries
      •    ESA Tool Kit combines standard bench measurement algorithims with full waveform library
  • Optimal Throughput

    IG-XL enables optimal throughput early in the product ramp resulting in faster time to profits

    • Novice IG-XL users can write highly efficient programs without the help of advanced users
    • Native Multisite programming = Zero effort from single site to multisite
      • Automatic management of site selection and activation
      • Write for single site -run multi site using site aware variables
      • Site aware flow control
    • Pure Parallel Software and System Broadcast enable High Parallel Test Effeciency
    • Background DSP enables users to take advantage of multithreaded DSP computation and data movement in the background without any special coding
    • True CT and CTOptimizer enable achieving high concurrent test efficiency without any code modifications
    • Timelines tools provides a graphical view of all aspects of execution to help the test engineer quickly identify potential throughput bottlenecks that can be optimized
  • Faster Time to Entitled Yield

    IG-XL provides the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently collect the diagnostic data needed to improve yield

    • To improve yield test engineers must collect lots of test data without impacting cost of test. By making the data easy and cheap to collect IG-XL users can reach entitled yields quicker.
    • Using the Scan Fail Processing Template users can quickly collect and log scan failures in STDF or EDA specific formats
    • IG-XL open an extensible design makes it easy to integrate into anyone's design and test eco-systems
    • Together with Teseda's Scan Workbench IG-XL provides a real time interactive scan fail debug analysis solution for Failure Analysis labs and device bring-up and characterization
  • Fewer Defect Escapes

    Test programming mistakes can lead to defect escapes. IG-XL's tools help test engineer eliminate programming issues before release to production

    • IG-Review audits a test program for common programming mistakes and other potential issues
    • Real Time Audit Tool monitors tester programming during execution to make sure device-specific rules are not violated in a way that can overstrees the device or interface hardware
    • IG-Diff helps users compare test program versions and create release documentation to make sure no un-intended changes are released to production

  • Software Solutions

    IG-XL is an extensible and customizable software environment that has developed a rich set of add-on software solutions by the user community and independent software vendors (ISVs).

    These solutions extend IG-XL's design-to-test, test development, debug and data analysis capabilities. 

    Learn more about Teradyne's Test Program Development and Debug and Third Party Software Solutions