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TestStation 7.0 Software FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions about the TestStation 7.0 software release used with Teradyne TestStation Ultra Pin-based in-circuit test systems.

Below outlines the supported Microsoft Windows 7 Editions for running TestStation 7.0 software on a tester PC or an offline PC.

Tester PC

  • Professional 32-bit

Offline PC

  • Professional 32-bit
  • Professional 64-bit
  • Enterprise 32-bit
  • Enterprise 64-bit

No, Monitor Pages were created for use with GenRad 228X machines and has been replaced by TestStation Development Pro. TestStation Development Pro is a newer software interface to develop and debug programs for your products. The TestStation Development Pro software has the latest features and functionality offered by Teradyne.

If the PC was originally purchased from Teradyne and is a 8000 Elite or 8300 Elite then yes, Teradyne can assist with the upgrade. To upgrade your existing PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 it requires the reformatting of the hard drive, therefor you need to back up all the required files on another hard drive prior to upgrading to Windows 7.

Partially, the Navigate development environment has been replaced by the TestStation Development Pro environment. The new TestStation Development Pro takes the valuable features in Navigate and enhances them to improve the program development experience with fewer GUIs, clicks and a more efficient user flow through the development process. The latest features and functionality offered by Teradyne are built into TestStation 7.0 software and are enhancements to the Navigate environment.

TestStation Development Pro is the latest addition to the TestStation Pro software that combines TestStation Debug Pro and Production Pro software interfaces into the development flow for the product. Development Pro replaces your Monitor Pages and Navigate for debugging and development of new projects for your TestStation systems.

Development Pro has an efficient GUI-based flow from data input through TPG generation, an effective data management tool with a common structure with the D2B tool and includes the latest software features for Framescan FX, Powered FramescanScan Pathfinder and high performance Automated Test Generation.

No, the discontinued GR228X, TS8X and all other combo-based platforms offered by GenRad or Teradyne will not be supported on the new TestStation 7.0 software. The latest information about the status of these discontinued system models can be found on the Discontinued Test Products listing.

To install TestStation 7.0 software on a test system requires an administrator account on the Windows 7 PC. The software will not install properly for a user with “administrator privilege”, therefore an administrator account is critical for a successful software installation.

To install TestStation 7.0 software on a development station, a user is required to have a minimum of “administrator privilege.” It is recommended to use an administrator account on the Windows 7 PC, but it is not required.

No, TestStation 7.0 software is not supported on Windows XP. The release is exclusively for Windows 7 operating systems.

Yes, you can upgrade the program to TestStation 7.0 and run the program.

There are additional steps which need to be completed in order to run a program on older versions of the TestStation software. The program will need to be downgraded to run on the older software, which will remove the new valuable features that are included in the TestStation 7.0 release. Please refer to the manuals on how to downgrade and run the program on the older version software version.

No, Teradyne does not provide a version of Windows 7 with TestStation 7.0. For testers, there are PC upgrade packages available from Teradyne that include the Windows 7 operating system. For programming or “offline” PCs, the user is responsible for purchasing and installing a version of Windows 7 and then the TestStation 7.0 software can be installed.

Teradyne is not able to support this type of upgrade. The upgrade of a tester to Windows 7 will require use of an approved PC upgrade package from Teradyne. Sites who have a newer system or recently purchased PC upgrades likely have a HP 8200 PC. This PC shipped with a WIN 7 Restore DVD. The customer will be able to use the provided WIN 7 DVD media to reformat their current drive or install a second hard drive in the PC and format it with the provided Win 7 restore media. Once this is completed, the TestStation 7.0 software can be installed.

Teradyne invests time in the evaluation of the upgrade package to guarantee the functionality of the test system and software. The time spent in verifying the installation process and software operation on the PCs shipped on our systems and sold as upgrades allows customers to implement the solution in a time-effective way, so the equipment can be up and running in the shortest time possible. Using a non-Teradyne upgrade path commonly causes problems which delay the ability of the customer to get the test system up and operating at a quality level. Also, since Teradyne does not have that configuration of hardware in the support centers, we are not able to replicate those problems and work to resolve the issue.

D2B 3.2 and D2B 5.0 are not supported on Windows 7 and have been replaced with D2B 7.0. Contact your local Teradyne representative to discuss your upgrade options.