Teradyne High Speed Subsystem for Mixed-Signal Test

The Teradyne PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) addresses defense and aerospace ATE requirements that are common to most recent designs including buses with increasing speeds, protocol complexity, big data handling and processing demands. HSSub further accommodates the need for lower latency interaction with the unit under test. HSSub is designed for integration into existing or future test systems with the ease of a single LXI instrument. Alternatively, it can be used in a standalone role for test development or as a bench-top tester. HSSub provides the most economical approach for developing and sustaining test capability for the range of test problems facing engineers today.

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  • Applications
    • Commercial solution for defense and aerospace test
    • For serial or parallel, standardized or custom, and protocol-based buses of any speed including:
      • LVDS, LVTTL, M-LVDS, Fibre Channel, FireWire, Ethernet, Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Infiniband
  • Advantages
    • Replaces multiple single-purpose or custom instruments
    • Lowest long-term logistics cost
    • Lowest development costs
    • Highest production throughput
  • Configurations
    • Desktop Foundation with internal PXI Express computer
    • Small-scale solutions for test development
    • Rack Mount Foundation with external computer and Virginia Panel G20 interface
    • Ruggedized Ancillary Foundation for use external to existing ATE
    • Spectrum HS with HSSub in Rack Mount Foundation
  • Options
    For full instrument options, please visit the High Speed Subsystem Options page.