Teradyne Storage Test delivers solutions to meet the most stringent requirements of next-generation storage devices. We focus on improving overall equipment efficiency, time to market and cost of ownership for hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) manufacturers. Drives tested by Teradyne can be found in mobile technology, personal storage devices, digital video recorders (DVRs) and an ever-increasing number of electronics.

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  • Saturn

    Saturn-3.5-HDD-System_237x356_Teradyne.jpgTeradyne’s 3.5” automated test platform, Saturn, allows flexible system configuration to maximize factory layout and density. Designed with a linear automation system, Saturn supports the third-generation of dynamic isolation and thermal architecture to meet the rigorous requirements of future generations of 3.5” HDD. With innovations in automation, dynamics and thermals, the Saturn platform is ideally suited to provide the flexibility for factory layouts and to meet today's and future HDD requirements.

  • Neptune

    Neptune-2.5-HDD-System_237x307_Teradyne.pngThe Neptune Series Testers provide the ability to automatically test - on demand - a mix of many independent HDD and SSD devices asynchronously. This unique design allows the factory to efficiently meet peak demands, quickly test different product mixes, increase throughput, and  reduce work-in-progress.

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