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April 1, 2022

Teradyne Supports Resilient Coders

Resiliant Coders

We are happy to be a supporter of Resilient Coders, a non-profit organization with a mission to fight for equity in access to roles in tech. Resilient Coders trains people of color the skills and tools they need to excel for high growth careers in the tech space. We support Resilient Coders’ mission and are proud to donate money to support the company’s mission on an annual basis.

To qualify for Resilient Coders, applicants must be black, indigenous, or of color, from low-income backgrounds, between ages 18-30, and based in the Greater Boston, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh area. Individuals must also have had limited access to traditional educational pathways. While Resilient Coders does admit people with college degrees, they try to keep those to a small percentage per cohort.

In the program, students spend 20 weeks learning object-oriented programming principles that are essential to thrive in technology-focused roles. During their time as a Resilient Coder, students learn full stack Javascript, React, Express, Node, and PostgresSQL – all programs essential to thrive in the tech industry.

Resilient Coders works hard to spread code literacy to young people from traditionally underserved communities. They believe in social justice through economic empowerment, and in the opportunity for meritocracy in tech. The company thinks holistically about the school-to-workforce pipeline and offers a series of programs that guide their students through the extensive journey of learning web development. As a leader in the tech world and a supporter of widening the racial gap in the industry, Teradyne shares these values with Resilient Coders’ and we are happy to be a supporter of their mission.

Resilient Coders door sign  Resilient Coders talking in hall with laptop. Resilient Coders working on laptop