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December 12, 2022

Our Partnership with UMass Lowell

Over many years, UMass Lowell has been a source for creative and talented engineers for Teradyne. Today we employ over 50 graduates of UMass Lowell and many more interns, co-ops and grads have worked at Teradyne over the years. While we’ve always had engagements with the university at one level or another, beginning in 2021 we strengthened the relationship with improvements to the program led by John Wood, General Manager System Test Group. The program is supported by engineering managers and staff from our talent acquisition and diversity/equity/inclusion teams. This supports a high level of engagement and helps keep the relationship aligned to goals that are most important to both UML and Teradyne.

The program is also an excellent example of cooperation between industry and academia. The talented interns, co-ops and graduates of UML bring fresh thinking, innovative ideas and energy to Teradyne and Teradyne provides challenging opportunities for them to flourish in a professional environment. In addition, Teradyne supports an array of programs at UML to help students thrive on campus. These programs range from assisting incoming high school students who are the first in their families to attend college to supporting River Hawk Scholars, Veteran Services, Honors College Fellowships, and support of student chapters of SWE, NSBE, and SHPE (Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.)

We are a big supporter of experiential learning through internships and co-ops. It’s rare that we don’t have multiple UML students working in product development or test operations at our North Reading campus. These students bring the latest engineering techniques along with a fresh perspective on the complex problems we face every day. In return, they learn how high performing engineering teams solve tough problems in a collaborative and productive environment.

The Teradyne values, “Honesty and integrity in all that we do,” “A company without doors,” and “Customers count on us” are at the core of our business. The “Company without doors” value reinforces the importance of knowledge power and respect rather than ‘position power.’  These values align well with UML’s values of “Integrity,” “Respect,” and “Social justice for all.” The aligned values of both Teradyne and UML make this partnership a beneficial collaboration.

Teradyne engineers work on some of the toughest problems in electrical, mechanical and computer sciences every day. UML researchers and faculty work on the technology building blocks needed to solve many of those challenges and prepares the next generation of engineers and scientists that industry depends on to create the future. With UML and Teradyne benefitting from our engagements at multiple levels, we expect the relationship to continue in the years ahead.