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January 8, 2023

3 for 3: System Level Test

System level test (SLT) adoption is being driven by the increasingly challenging interplay between growing device complexity and tighter end-customer quality requirements. In Teradyne’s new video series, 3 for 3, where we provide 3 answers for 3 pressing questions about trends in semiconductor test, Dan Oglebay, Product Marketing Director at Teradyne, discusses the benefits of system level test and its role in creating a comprehensive test strategy.

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Daniel Oglebay is a Director of Product Marketing in the System Level and Storage Test Group at Teradyne, whose products include Teradyne’s Titan system level test (SLT) and Saturn hard disk drive testers. He has held several key account and product management positions in his more than five years at Teradyne, and has a 25 year track record in a variety of technical, sales and marketing roles in Silicon Valley. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

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