Archimedes Analytics Solution Overview

Teradyne’s Archimedes Analytics Solutions integrate new technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into your test solution, enabling a secure stream of real-time data with near-zero test time impact that increases yield, improves quality, and reduces tester down time.

Yield Improvement

Increasing costs put strain on reduced operating budgets.

Everyday semiconductor manufacturers face challenges related to controlling costs. By prioritizing improvements in end-to-end yield, they can manage cost pressures and increase profitability. Increasingly, the path forward relies on the deployment of analytic solutions.

It can be difficult to know where to begin and how to affect yield improvement with analytics. Teradyne’s Archimedes provides the tools necessary to determine proactive steps to identify failures, root causes, and corrective actions.

Time to Market

The growing size and complexity of new devices is driving up development costs and errors.

Semiconductors are constantly increasing in density and complexity, while the expected time to deliver products to market is shrinking. These market pressures increase development costs, and the likelihood of failures and escapes. Engagement on verification and the validation process with data, tools and insights can eliminate errors before they occur, and can help quickly identify and fix errors when they happen.

Reduced Cost

Price and the pressure of ever-increasing consumer demand requires continuous cost improvements and reduced production time.

The semiconductor industry spends a tremendous amount of time and effort reducing costs and production time at every step in the design and manufacturing process. Many of these improvements lead to increased complexity and verification requirements. Use of analytics and intelligence enables designers, manufacturers, and testers to comprehended the implication of changes and accelerate these improvements. Teradyne has led the way in many of these cost-reducing breakthroughs and has the insights to continue far into the future.


The democratization of data promises distribution of information to deliver competitive advantages.

Today’s businesses are inundated with data from every angle, ideally used to provide insights to improve business performance. However, the data security risk increases as more users gain access to this data. The challenge of maintaining security and data integrity has never been more critical. Test data is of immense value as it can be used to infer what has happened and predict what will happen, making it a critical aspect of any company’s data security policy. Teradyne continues to provide critically valuable data while maintaining and integrating into your security policies.

Data Management

Control your data so you can spend time managing your business, not chaos.

Increasing amounts of data create a challenge for making data-driven decisions Data formatting, aggregation, visualization and reporting are essential for a successful operation.

Teradyne offers Tester Events Messaging for Semiconductors (TEMS) – a SEMI standard – as a data transfer technology. It is the next evolution of tester data access and structure.


Data analytics, machine learning, AI and other models require new test control methods.

New algorithms and signals identified using machine learning and analytics will require behavior model changes to your test equipment and test flows. These changes could be simple or complex, dynamic and constantly updating based on real team data and response. Archimedes integrates with IG-XL™ to enable flow and model updates, and can provide additional computational resources for your test system, unsupervised insights on our existing data sets, and real time decisions and actions.