Archimedes Analytics Solution Benefits

Teradyne Archimedes analytics solution integrates technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into your test solution, enabling a secure stream of real-time data with near-zero test time impact that increases yield, improves quality, and reduces tester down time.


Real-time, Open Architecture Enables Best-in-class Solutions

The growing size and complexity of new devices is driving up development costs and errors.

Semiconductors are constantly increasing in density and complexity, while the expected time to deliver products to market is shrinking. These market pressures increase development costs, and the likelihood of failures and escapes. Utilizing data, tools and insights during the verification and validation process can eliminate errors before they occur, and help quickly identify and fix errors when they happen.

Quality and Yield Improvements

Increasing device quality requirements and the drive to maximize yield necessitate smarter manufacturing processes.

Demand for high-quality devices and advanced processes are increasing the complexity of semiconductor manufacturing. Maximizing yield while meeting these demanding requirements can be achieved by incorporating comprehensive test and analytics solutions both before and during the high volume manufacturing process.

It can be difficult to know where to begin or how to affect device quality and yield with analytics but with Archimedes you get an open architecture that lets you choose the most effective data analytics solutions for your environment. Teradyne’s Archimedes analytics solutions provides both the flexibility and the tight integration with leading analytics providers to deliver comprehensive insights that enable you to identify failures and take corrective action.

Reduced Cost

Price and the pressure of ever-increasing consumer demand requires continuous cost improvements and reduced production time.

The semiconductor industry spends a tremendous amount of time and effort reducing costs and production time at every step in the design and manufacturing process. Many of these improvements lead to increased complexity and verification requirements. Use of analytics and intelligence enables designers, manufacturers, and testers to understand the implications of changes and accelerate improvements.


Trusted, Structured Data Stream Delivers Inline Test Optimizations

The democratization of data promises distribution of information to deliver competitive advantages.

Today’s businesses are inundated with data from every angle. Coupling this data with advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables the identification of insights that can improve business performance.

Data Management

Control your data so you can spend time managing your business, not chaos.

Increasing amounts of data create a challenge for making data-driven decisions. Data formatting, aggregation, visualization and reporting are essential for a successful operation. Teradyne’s Archimedes analytics solution delivers a trusted, structured data stream that ensures the tester data has not been manipulated and is in the format needed.

Bi-directional Data Stream

Enabling real-time optimizations during the test flow.

Teradyne’s real-time, bi-directional data stream enables in-situ, real-time data analytics solutions to push learnings back to the tester for test program optimizations, ultimately improving yield, test time, test costs, throughput and OEE. It is the next evolution of tester data access, control, and structure. Utilizing the stream, you can deploy analytics solutions both pre-production and during production, enabling the learnings and optimizations to begin early in the process. 


Your data is the secret to success so protecting it is essential.

Data security risks increase as more users gain access to the data. The challenge of maintaining security and data integrity has never been more critical. Test data is of immense value as it can be used to infer what has happened and predict what will happen, making it a critical aspect of any company’s data security policy. Teradyne continues to provide critically valuable data in a secure environment, while maintaining and integrating into your security policies.


Data analytics, machine learning, AI and other models require new test control methods.

New algorithms and signals identified using machine learning and analytics will require behavior model changes to your test equipment and test flows. These changes could be simple or complex, and will be dynamic – constantly updating based on real-time data and response. Archimedes integrates with Teradyne’s tester software, like IG-XL, to enable flow and model updates, and can provide additional computational resources for your test system.


Secure Environment Supports Leading Analytics Providers

The best of both worlds – a secure environment and tight integration with the leading analytics providers.

A natively secure environment ensures your data, analytic models, and rule sets are safe, while supporting the best analytics solutions in the market today.  

Natively Secure Development Environment

Teradyne UltraEdge2000 safeguards your intelligence and learnings in a secure environment that offers development and solution deployment flexibility.

The UltraEdge2000 is a high-performance and secure parallel-compute platform that enables real-time analytics solutions with millisecond latency. Data consumption and heavy computational processes are performed in real-time at the edge of the network, eliminating the need for third-party agents installed on the host computer, which can either slow the tester down, or delay the analysis and implementation of analytics learnings. 

The additional computational resource enables machine learning and other computationally demanding applications to execute without impacting performance and the secure, direct connection enables real-time data transfer that is faster than utilizing IT resources outside of the test cell.   

Additionally, UltraEdge2000 is an open development platform utilizing modern software container packaging to protect your IP. Containers are deployed to the UltraEdge2000 through secure sessions, and multi-client support enables you and your analytics providers to deploy analytic rules and recipes without modifying test programs.  

Tight Integration with Leading Analytics Solutions

The best solutions on the best platform.

There are a wide range of test analytics solutions in the market that vary depending on both the types of devices being tested, as well as the specific tests being performed. Teradyne’s Archimedes analytics solution is an open development environment that delivers the flexibility needed to deploy any combination of Teradyne-developed solutions, third-party solutions and custom solutions developed in-house.  

Teradyne has partnered with proven, third-party analytics providers. Tight integration with our valued partners ensures that deployment is streamlined and time to impact can be achieved quickly and efficiently. You can spend your time customizing your analytics solution instead of wasting valuable time connecting your solution to the tester. 

We also collaborate with leading analytics solution providers to integrate their analytics platforms with the UltraEdge2000 to enable fast, reliable, and scalable deployments. This agnostic approach enables you to integrate next generation analytics solutions on your existing analytics platform with your preferred analytics solution provider.