Teradyne - Leading Supplier of Defense & Aerospace Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Teradyne is the leading supplier of automatic test equipment (ATE) for defense and aerospace electronics manufacturers, depots and intermediate-level facilities. Teradyne’s COTS systems provide the performance and capabilities of full custom solutions but with lower start-up costs, faster test program set (TPS) development, proven TPS migration, less downtime and reduced obsolescence.

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  • Systems

    United-States-Air-Force-Officer-Checks-Engine_TER_237x169.jpgTeradyne's fully integrated functional test systems verify and calibrate the most complex electronics in the defense and aerospace industry. Our systems not only deliver high- performance digital, analog, mixed-signal and serial bus testing, but they’re tough—meeting the demanding environments of military depots and factories and commercial maintenance and overhaul facilities. Teradyne systems support the Department of Defense (DoD) standards through open architecture and flexible platforms, providing a COTS solution that’s configurable to meet any test need. 

    Functional Test
    • Spectrum-9100
      • Analog and parallel digital bus test, optimized for testing products with vastly different or legacy technology
    • Spectrum HS
      • Analog and real-time bus test, completely customizable to meet any advanced testing need
    Commercial Avionics
    • Spectrum CTS
      • Functional test platform expressly designed for commercial avionics LRUs and SRUs
  • Subsystems
    United-States-Marine-Office-Runs-Tests_TER_237x158.pngTeradyne's High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) is our commercial solution for Defense and Aerospace test that provides a more economical approach than other application-specific solutions. The HSSub provides a unique three-tier architecture consisting of:
    • Field-programmable gate arrays and other programmable hardware
    • Real-time processors
    • HSSub PC
    High Speed Subsystem
    • Runtime Defined solution for bus-oriented ATE assemblies
    High Speed Subsystem Instrument Options
    • Serial Core, LVDS Core, Real-Time Processor Core, & IO Expansion instruments
  • Instruments

    United-States-Army-Officer-Works-on-System_TER_237x158.jpgTeradyne’s Core System Instrumentation (CSi) products are at the center of the defense industry’s most advanced test systems. Serving DoD ATS families, OEM suppliers and Teradyne Spectrum test systems, our CSi products lead the industry in high-performance analog, digital and bus test. Our products are best-in-class, serving as dependable test instruments for defense and aerospace manufacturers.

    Avionics Interface Technologies
    • A division of Teradyne, Inc. that supplies instrumentation for testing advanced data buses for commercial avionics and defense industries, including instruments for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, Fibre Channel, and ARINC-664
    Analog Test
    • Ai-710
      • High-density analog test subsystem that addresses requirements for real-time signal simulation at functional test
    • Ai-760 Series
      • Versatile C-size VXI analog test instruments that create powerful, mixed-signal tests
    • ZT-Series Oscilloscopes
      • Modular oscilloscopes that maintain compatibility, provide assurance of supply and ensure product longevity
    • ZT-Series Waveform Generators
      • Flexible PXI, VXI and LXI waveform generators for integration into a span of end applications
    • ZT-Series Replacement Instruments
      • Replacement instruments that provide drop-in replacements for widely deployed oscilloscopes, digitizers and frequency references
    Bus Test
    • Bi-Series
      • Serial bus test instrument designed to address functional test requirements of real-time bus test and emulation
      • HSSub Bus Instrumentation
        • Serial Core, LVDS Core, Real-Time Processor Core, & IO Expansion instruments
      Digital Test
      • Di-Series
        • Advanced family of digital test instruments capable of testing all levels of integration
    • Software

      United-States-Air-Force-Officer-Works-on-Computer_TER_237x158.jpgTeradyne software enables customers to develop reliable test programs for today's most advanced defense and aerospace applications. Designed to integrate with existing and new implementations of Teradyne systems, our software delivers comprehensive toolsets and test generation. Available for digital and analog equipment and for developing or converting TPS, Teradyne software consistently simplifies testing and improves fault coverage.

      • iStudio
        • Graphical development and debug environment for the Di-Series and the Ai-760 Series
      • TPS Converter Studio
        • Test program rehost solution for conversion of L-Series language to Teradyne digital instruments and Spectrum-9100
      • TestStudio
        • Open architecture, web-based ATE operating environment for test system integrators
      • LASAR
        • Digital logic simulator that performs worst case timing analysis and fault analysis for functional testers
      • VICTORY
        • Software toolset that tests component clusters, performs boundary scan tests and runs parallel digital tests
    • Services & Support

      United-States-Marine-Officer-Runs-Diagnostic-Test_TER_237x133.jpgTeradyne's services are designed to rapidly assemble and apply the right expertise to address any customer need. Our leadership in service is backed by a support organization with more than 1,000 global applications and field service engineers. We protect your investment throughout your equipment’s lifecycle, focusing on maximizing uptime while minimizing cost of ownership.