Defense & Aerospace Instruments, Systems, & Development Tools


Bus Test Instruments (Serial Digital Instruments)

  • HSSub Software-Defined, Reconfigurable PXIe Instruments for high-speed digital and advanced serial bus tests
  • Avionics bus and network interface instruments
  • VERTA  Integrated solution for digital switching and fiber optics operational verification
  • Bi-Series Highly configurable, general purpose, legacy bus VXI instruments


Digital Test Instruments (Parallel Digital Instruments)

  • Di-Series Powerful, high-density, general purpose VXI digital test instruments
  • eDigital-Series Reconfigurable PXIe digital instrument supporting parallel digital testing, Boundary Scan, and Flash Programming


Analog Test Instruments

Test Systems

The Spectrum Systems are fully integrated, customer-specific, scalable test solutions for labs, factories, and depots

  • Spectrum-9100 Powerful test systems for multi-generation product support
  • Spectrum HS Flexible PXI/LXI-centric systems for versatile, cost-effective test applications
  • Spectrum BT Configurable benchtop test system for focused functional tests
  • Spectrum RF Systems Scalable test solution for mixed-technology and RF test applications
  • SCPM Spectrum Cross Point Matrix for analog switching

System Integration and Development Tools

Flexible and capable tools for System integration, TPS generation, debugging, and runtime execution:

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