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Datasheets & Brochures

Technical Papers

Di-Series Debugging Tools
Passive Scope Probes: Understanding How They Work

Boundary Scan using Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) Capability
Calibration Verification When Upgrading From M9-Series to Di-Series Instruments
Gaining Access to the Inner Workings of Your TPS
Integrating Software Data Loaders into ATE Systems
M9-Series to Di-Series Conversion – Lessons Learned
Replacing M9-Series with Di-Series on DATS Tester
Solving the Obsolete PC Bus Standards Problem in ATE
Testing High Speed Ethernet & Fibre Channel Avionics Switches

Best-In-Class Modular Oscilloscope Designed Into Radar Test System
Considerations for Testing and Simulation of MIL-STD-1760E-HS1760 Avionics Interfaces
Flexible High Performance Architecture For Boundary Scan Execution Hardware
High Speed Shared Memory Networks in Hardware in the Loop Applications
Introducing PXI Instrumentation Into An Existing VXI Based Tester
Modular Oscilloscopes vs. Digitizers

Firmware Development Methodologies for Synthetic Test Instrumentation
The Pitfalls of Instrument Compatibility

Considerations in the Design of a Boundary Scan Runtime Library
Enabling Communication between ATLAS Environment & Integrated Subsystem
Test Scripting: An Alternative Approach to Real-Time Instrument Control

Extending the Useable Range of Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Testing

The Impact of Test Instrumentation with Distributed Processing Capabilities on Test Program Set (TPS) Architecture and Development
Polymorphic Analog Instrument EnvironmentTest Strategy for UAS Flight Readiness
A Subsystem that Behaves as an LXI Instrument
The Test, Usage and Maintenance of Power Switching Subsystems
TPS Development using the Microsoft .NET Framework
Using General Purpose Digital Hardware To Perform Boundary Scan Tests
Where Did My Signal Go? A Discussion of Signal Loss Between the ATE and UUT

Magazine Articles