Archimedes Analytics Solution Overview

Teradyne Archimedes analytics solution integrates technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into your test solution, enabling a secure stream of real-time data with near-zero test time impact that increases yield, improves quality, and reduces tester down time.

Solution Overview

Real-time Analytics in a Secure Environment

Teradyne Archimedes analytics solution is an open development environment that enables real-time analytics with the flexibility to deliver both out of the box and custom solutions that are easy to deploy.

Our natively secure environment reduces exposure to security risks present with cloud-based solutions and our structured data stream ensures the data is in a format that can be analyzed quickly and efficiently. The bi-directional nature of this structured data stream ensures the feedback loop can be closed by pushing learnings back to the tester for immediate test optimizations during validation and highvolume test.

Our tight integration with best-in-class analytics providers ensures you can focus on optimizing the test flow instead of the connection between tester and analytics platform.

With Teradyne’s Archimedes analytics solution, real-time analytics become a reality today, leading to optimized test processes and ultimately improved business results.

Solution Benefits


Development environment with proven solutions, both out of the box and custom.


Trusted, structured data stream enables local test optimization and total manufacturing level  enhancements.


Bi-directional data stream accelerates time to impact by extending real-time analysis and recommendations to immediate implementation. 


Natively secure environment eliminates exposure to security risks present with cloud-based solutions and/or third-party agents on the tester.


Tight integration with leading analytics companies ensures fast time to analysis.


Real-time, open architecture ensures best-in-class solutions are easy to deploy.