We foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment that supports the success of our people and our communities.

Building Strong Communities

Programming robots with local high school students. Walking to combat hunger. Cycling to help cure childhood cancer. Reforesting to reduce mudslides. These are just a few examples of how Teradyne employees support the communities where we live and work. When it comes to volunteering, we recognize the need to help our neighbors both as individuals and as a company.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

It is a priority for us to ensure that we have a culture in which our most valuable resources – our people – feel inspired, supported, safe and able to achieve their personal best. As such, we adamantly uphold a number of policies to ensure equality, including nondiscrimination and pay equity policies. We also offer a range of benefits to make our employees’ lives easier, including insurance coverage, flexible hours, profit-sharing, paid parental leave and discounted day care services.

Diversity in the Workplace

Teradyne recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. We prioritize diversity by monitoring diversity statistics, and creating Affirmative Action plans for recruiting and hiring candidates from various backgrounds and experiences. We also host and attend numerous events throughout the year that are aimed at promoting diversity in the workplace.

US EEO-1 Data

Environmental Health and Safety

Teradyne is committed to controlling health and safety risks, and uses various self-assessment tools to evaluate the status of our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs. We routinely conduct internal compliance audits of our facilities and major operations. We further ensure that workers are provided with the knowledge to perform their jobs safely. All employees receive basic EHS awareness training. Contractors are also required to complete safety training prior to working with Teradyne.

Employee Health and Safety Policy

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

We realize that today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. Teradyne invests in the future by advancing educational opportunities for the next generation. We actively support middle and high school STEM education programs, as well as programs that challenge students to develop technical skills.

Grant Program

In addition to supporting STEM programs at the intermediary-level, Teradyne sponsors a grant program for colleges and universities. This program enables students and academic professionals to develop their concepts from ideation to execution. We also offer internships for students who have experience or interest in R&D work. Apply on our Careers site.

Apply for a Teradyne Grant


We appreciate the hard work our employees invest in making the world better. To amplify these efforts, we match the donations our employees give to charitable fundraising and outreach activities.

Professional Development

Our ability to deliver excellence is based on the ability of our people. We ensure we have a highly skilled, professional workforce and a future talent pipeline. We continue to develop our employee base, ensuring we have the right capabilities for our business today and tomorrow.

Teradyne makes an effort to recruit top talent by attending various college fairs and events, hiring internally and offering referral incentives to current employees. To ensure we maintain a strong, competitive workforce, our employees undergo formal performance reviews annually, to look back on the previous year, review career development plans and create goals for the coming year.