In-Circuit Test (ICT) Systems

Configurable ICT to Match Your Test Requirements

TestStation Family In-Circuit Test

Teradyne's TestStation platform includes a family of in-circuit test systems share a common software environment.

TestStation is configurable from a few test points for basic shorts detection up to more than 15,000 test points for more complex test requirements.

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ICT Expansion Options

Expand Your ICT Capabilities

TestStation is a feature scalable platform to offer manufacturers greater flexibility in complexity to meet their current or future test needs.

FramescanFXThe following features can be added to a TestStation system:


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ICT + Functional Test

Extend TestStation Functionality

Teradyne's agile ICT systems allow manufacturers to perform focused functional test at the same stage in the manufacturing process. A single TestStation configured with PXI or Multi-Function Application Boards provides ICT and Functional Tests on the same system - without expanding tester footprint.  TestStation-PXI-Functional-Test

Benefits of expanding functional test:

  • Lower capital costs
  • Quicker defect detection
  • Faster cycle time/beat rate
  • Reduced test stages / operators
  • Greater fault coverage

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Inline & Automation

Teradyne HandlerWith Teradyne, high-volume electronics manufacturers can conduct true parallel test, achieving 2-4 times greater productivity and 40%-50% lower cost-of-test. We offer the following automation solutions for high-speed in-circuit testing within the TestStation platform:

Test Software

Teradyne-SoftwareTeradyne offers powerful software tools and solutions that enable electronics manufacturers to optimize test across all stages in the manufacturing process. The following tools are available for use on TestStation and/or Spectrum test systems: