Production Board Test & Automation Achieve Greater Test Productivity

Teradyne’s production board test systems and automation solutions provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality PCBA testing at the highest fault coverage rate without sacrificing throughput.

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  • Board Test Systems


    Most Productive & Scalable Production Board Test Platform

    Teradyne's TestStation platform enables manufacturers to easily react to rapidly changing product requirements. From volume, mix and test complexity - there is a TestStation configuration to meet your production requirements at the highest fault coverage and yield rate. TestStation is a family of in-circuit test systems that share a common software environment and configurable from a range of a few test points for basic shorts detection up to more than 15,000 test points for more complex PCBAs.

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  • Test Cell Automation

    Automate Production Board Test

    Teradyne's native automated inline handling solution is a seamless integration with TestStation Mult-Site Inline systems for high-speed no-touch pcba test.


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  • Test Capabilities

    Quickly Detect More Faults

    TestStation in-circuit test capabilities (ICT) allow manufacturers to detect more faults quickly. Perform "non-contact" electrical testing for limited access technologies. Reduce test stages, boarding handling and operator costs with TestStation systems.

    ICT + Functional Test

    TestStation systems provide focused functional test (FCT) at the same stage as in-circuit test (ICT)

    • Use a single test system for both ICT + FCT
    • Reduce test stages
    • Reduce board handling and operator costs

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    Boundary Scan Solutions

    Choose from our native or many available partner options to test limited access nets. Achieve greater fault coverage with integrated solutions directly within TestStation. Reduce equipment and support costs with Teradyne's flexible boundary scan solutions.

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    Open Pin Detection

    Expand test coverage with capacitive-based vectorless test Framescan techniques to detect open pins on devices and connectors. No test vectors are required and our vectorless test technologies are designed for fast development.

    Learn how to expand test coverage with Framescan Technologies

    Multi-Device Programming

    TestStation allows the programming of  logic devices and Flash memories in a single stage, saving valuable time and cost.

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  • Test Development Software

    Teradyne offers powerful software tools and solutions that enable electronics manufacturers to optimize test across all stages in the manufacturing process.